Earn Money As Affiliate With Emenusolutions

This partnership opportunity invites affiliates to engage in promoting our innovative QR Code e-menu solution meticulously crafted for the CHR industry. The objective is to elevate the ordering experiences and streamline operational efficiency for restaurants and businesses operating within the culinary, hospitality, and retail sectors.

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Enjoy a commission structure that starts at a minimum of 30% and goes up to a rewarding 70%!!!

Why should I become an affiliate partner?

By joining as an affiliate member, you gain access to various benefits while promoting our innovative solution. Our SaaS platform, eMenuSolutions, enables affiliates to earn attractive commissions by promoting a tool that empowers businesses to create, customize, and manage interactive digital menus through QR codes.

What are the program objectives?

We are actively seeking dynamic affiliate partners who are passionate about promoting and selling our solution. Our goal is to recruit committed partners to achieve 200 new sign-ups per quarter. Additionally, we aim to enhance our platform's visibility on social networks and specialized sites.

What proposals and benefits are offered to affiliates?

The commission structure is designed to reward affiliates based on the number of subscribers or clients they successfully acquire for the QR Code e-menu solution. Here the structure:

Resources and Support

Recognizing potential resource limitations, we provide a set of simplified resources to support your efforts:

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